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  • Workplace Violence, Active Shooter Preparedness Book


    Workplace Violence, Active Shooter Preparedness Book


    Tragic situations cannot be predicted, so preparation is critical.  Waiting ensures one thing: you won’t be prepared should an incident occur.  That is why James Cameron has developed the unique program called P.A.C.E.- Prepare, Act, Care, Evacuate.


    James’s approach is to decrease vulnerability and increase survivability, with his comprehensive P.A.C.E. program.


    P.A.C.E. was developed based on James’s personal experiences and lessons learned from being involved as a first responder during multiple real-world mass casualty events. While responding to these tragic events his responsibilities have ranged from neutralizing threats to treating the wounded. His book gives a unique perspective which cannot be replicated by those without the same experiences.


    While others without any real experience give seminars on what “the book answer” says to be correct, he explains what actually works, based on his first-hand experiences.

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