Personal Protection

We are the Parents of Laurie Hernandez, Team USA Woman’s Gymnastics Gold Medalist. Our daughter is 16 years of age and is currently on the Dancing with the Stars tour along with 10 other famous and highly recognizable professional dancers.

Prior to Lauri accepting to be on the tour we had great reservations and concerns for her security, knowing that we or other family members could not be with her the entire time of the tour. After meeting Mr. James Cameron, as he would be the head of security and in charge of insuring that all dancers and celebrities are safe, we felt at ease knowing that our daughter would be in very good hands.

We were fortunate to have travelled to nine, out of the fifty plus, different venues to meet with Laurie and noticed that Mr. Cameron was everywhere. During the important meet and greet functions James was always near Laurie and ensuring her and the other dancers safety and tending to any needs they may have.

Speaking to my daughter she also assures us that anything she needed James was there. He would always escort her to and from the bus’s and hotels and he was always there to do crowd control after a show. He also identified those individuals that would be asking for autographs in order to sell items instead of being true fans and either have them removed or tell Lauri about them so she could bypass them.

He also looked after us and the rest of the family when we would visit. He would escort us anywhere we needed or wanted to go and he would always insure we were safe and taken care of.

James has been a blessing for us knowing that our daughter is in very competent hands. We feel that James is professional, and has been the perfect choice for the job. For our daughter, we would not choose anyone else.

Anthony Hernandez, Wanda Hernandez