Security Director

For our 2015-2016 tour we engaged the services of James Cameron primarily in the response to the US Homeland Security advice of a credible terrorist threat to one celebrity cast member. Our secondary aim was to provide security for our 12 additional high profile cast members.

James was very quickly understood the unique demands of this particular tour and established operating procedures designed to provide a secure environment, but without negatively impaction the cast or audience experience. James coordinated local venue security teams both in backstage areas and during parts of the show when the cast interacted with the audience. The show and touring party provided many challenges in terms of venues that varied considerably and large group of cast members to provide protection for, a very real threat balanced with the need to let the audience feel that they’ve been able to get close to the cast.

As a result of James’ work we were able to avoid having a single incident on tour, and did not receive a single complaint from the cast or audience members. James was able to quickly gain the trust and friendship of our cast and crew members, and became an indispensable and deeply appreciated addition to the tour. The debrief James gave me at the conclusion of the tour will inform many area’s of planning changes for future tours.

I would not hesitate to recommend James Cameron and Security Concepts Group.

Guy Phillips, Executive Producer DWTS Live