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Global Security Risk Management

Based on Experience


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If you don't have a security department, or even if you do, SCG is here to help.

Tragic situations cannot be predicted, training and preparation is critical.

We specialize in protecting Fortune 500 Executives, foreign diplomates, high net worth individuals and their families.

You and your family deserve to be safe while you're most vulnerable, at home.

 Sadly, violent crime rates are rising by double digits and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. Along with an uptick in daily crime, spontaneous and frequently sustained violence have become the new normal. Regardless of political opinion everyone should have serious concerns about their security posture and preparedness. 


One thing is certain, there needs to be an understanding that the possibility for harder and more challenging times may lay ahead. Once you recognize that the possibility exists then you should ask “Am I prepared?" 

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Why Choose SCG?

SCG’s pride is its talent, all of our Risk Managers and Security Consultants are subject matter experts in their field and have extensive experience in both public and private sectors.


Our broad spectrum of consulting service can be summarized as expert, objective advice to mitigate risks to our clients and their concerns.  SCG’s experts’ partner with our clients during implantation or recommendations as well as ongoing program maintenance ensuring effective, practical security for the long term.


Our techniques are based on internationally recognized standards to include International Organization of Standards (ISO) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved methodologies, blended with actual real world working experience.

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